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Strong Ocean Freight


Every month We book more than 2,000 – 2,500 containers with our group companies to the specific Shipping Lines. Because of the big volume booking and strong relationship with the Shipping Lines, our ocean freight is basically more competitive than other forwarders.

Especially Strong Routes

strong port
We are especially strong for the shipment to below area,

・South East Asia
・Middle East

If you have the regular shipment to these area, please contact us now. Since we book to the several Shipping Lines, you have more choice. We are able to propose the suitable Shipping Line services for your requirement.

Get the vessel space

get spaceOne of the most important jobs for the freight forwarder is to keep the vessel space for the customers. We can obtain the vessel space for our customers even though the situation that the other forwarders cannot get the space. That’s why the most of our customers keep using our service.

As we explained above, our strong relationship with the Shipping Lines makes it possible even though the vessel space is very tight.

**please understand it is difficult to guarantee to get the space for 100% but if you face to the space problem, please remind our service. we may be able to help you.

Flexible B/L and Operation Service

flexible operationIf you need to get the B/L fast, we can support with our flexible B/L service. Our B/L team issue, amend, surrender and send it directly to Cnee.

If there is any mistake or problem on the B/L, Cnee(your customer) will cannot take out the cargo, which cause the big problem between you and your customers.

In terms of the shipment schedule arrangement, we always understand your situation. We can propose the suitable vessel schedule by using our multiple Shipping Line service. This is also one of our strength points. If the forwarder normally use a few Shipping Lines, this kind of flexible proposal is difficult.

Experienced Custom Clearance

custom clearance

Smooth custom clearance is most important for on time delivery. Our experienced shipping team will take care your cargo. Even though your cargo stops at the custom clearance, we visit the custom officer and explain well in order to release the cargo shortly.

Also the custom application to the Thai government such as DFT,TCC and FDA, the experience and knowledge is required. If the custom broker has lack of knowledge, you have to visit the departments of government many times and it takes much time.

In order to avoid the problem on the custom clearance, please use our professional shipping service.

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