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What is CIF? Here is the easiest explanation of CIF and CFR!

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What’s CIF? CIF stands for Cost, Insurance, and Freight. And it usually followed by the name of the destination port / import port specified after. It refers to the conditions under which freight and insurance are prepaid by the exporter. In CIF terms, exporter pay the ocean freight and insurance to the destination port. The insurance required by CIF for sellers (exporters) are defined as the ICC’s tax payment amount (C), which is the minimum coverage. If the buyer (importer) is seeking a wider coverage of insurance terms, they need to be agreed in the contract. Characteristics of CIF ・ In terms of the cost and risk of the shipment, […]

Explained Incoterms with illustration. Necessary knowledge for Logistics job

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It is Incoterms that you must understand as long as you are a person who works not only in forwarders but also in the logistics department of manufacturers and trading companies. There are 11 items in Incoterms, but this time I would like to explain the 6 items used frequently. What is Incoterms? Incoterms is the definition of trade terms negotiated by the International Chamber of Committee. In trade transactions, the seller and buyer must firmly agree on conditions such as fare, insurance premiums and risk burden. This must not be inconsistent depending on the language and the countries so that we use internationally unified trading conditions called Incoterms. To […]

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