Best Warehouse Selection for Your Requirement Warehouse is not just the place to stock the item. If you can use the warehouse is effectively, the cargo handling will be easier. Our warehouse will support below your requirements. a. No space to stock the products in your factory b. Partial delivery to several customers c. Loading/Unloading to container or truck d. Packing/Unpacking the cargo e. Labeling f. Inspecting 【Related Contents】 1. Warehouse Quotation in Thailand – How to Check Storage, WH IN/WH OUT, Loading/Unloading fee on the quotation Our Warehouse Location ・Samut Prakan:General Warehouse/Bonded Warehouse/Cold Warehouse /DG Warehouse ・BangNa Area: General Warehouse/Bonded Warehouse/Cold Warehouse ・Leam Chabang Area: General Warehouse/DG Warehouse /Bonded […]