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Best Warehouse Selection for Your Requirement


Warehouse is not just the place to stock the item. If you can use the warehouse is effectively, the cargo handling will be easier. Our warehouse will support below your requirements.

a. No space to stock the products in your factory
b. Partial delivery to several customers
c. Loading/Unloading to container or truck
d. Packing/Unpacking the cargo
e. Labeling
f. Inspecting

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Our Warehouse Location

・Samut Prakan:General Warehouse/Bonded Warehouse/Cold Warehouse /DG Warehouse
・BangNa Area: General Warehouse/Bonded Warehouse/Cold Warehouse
・Leam Chabang Area: General Warehouse/DG Warehouse /Bonded Warehouse

Different type of Warehouse

There are different type of warehouses for taking care of your cargo. General Warehouse, DG Warehouse, Cold Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse.

General Warehouse / Samut Prakan, BangNa, Leam Chabang Area

If your cargo is the general cargo, you can use the general cargo warehouse. There are so many General Cargo warehouse in Thailand so that you should consider the points of function you require. Location, Space, Packing/Unpacking work and Price.

【Loading Unloading】
Warehouse is used for loading and unloading if the customers do not have the platform. By using platform, the folk lift can go inside of the containers. If you need to handle the heavy cargo delivery, you have to consider the safety first.

DG Warehouse / Samut Prakan and Leam Chabang Area

DG labelIf your cargo is DG cargo, you have to store it DG warehouse. DG cargo class has to be considered for this handling. We have the DG Warehouse in Samut Prakan and Leam Chabang Area.

【Handling DG Class】
Class 3: Flammable Liquids
Class 6: Toxic Infectious Substances
Class 8: Corrosive Substances
Class 9: Misellaneous Dangeroud Substances and Articles

Cold Warehouse / Samut Prakan and BangNa Area

Cold WarehouseIf your cargo needs the temperature control, the cold warehouse is necessary. Fresh Fruits, Sea Food, Chocolate, wine and so on.

There is no problem if Blackout occurs for the reason that there is a generator to compensate the electric during the Blackout. Also, the cold air stays for long time in the building because of the enough space in one room.

【Available Temperatures Room】
The warehouse rooms are separated by different temperatures

・20 degree Room
・5 degree Room
・- 10 degree Room

We have the Cold Warehouse in Samut Prakan and BangNa Area.

Bonded Warehouse / Samut Prakan, BangNa, Leam Chabang Area

If you have to arrange some work to the cargo such as assembling, labeling and packing in the bonded area, we can arrange the bonded warehouse for you.

Normally, when you import the cargo from Overseas, you have to pay VAT and DUTY(Depend on the Cargo). However, it is not required in the Bonded Area. In order to avoid the cost increase because of duty payment, bonded warehouse has to be used.

We have the bonded warehouse in Samut Prakan, BangNa and Leam Chagang Area

Cargo Loading and Unloading

Warehouse is used not only to store the cargoes but also it is used to loading/unloading the cargoes such as the Heavy and Oversize cargoes.

It is very difficult to load/unload the heavy and oversize cargo without a platform. BY using the platform, the folk lift can go inside of the container and load/unload safely.

In addition to this, we have the special facilities to handle heavy and oversize cargo. The roof crane and 16ton Folk Lift enable the cargo handling without problem.

Send Your Inquiry for Warehouse

We sincerely would like to have a meeting before we submit the quotation. Please kindly visit our office for providing the most suitable proposal with you.