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Before you send the inquiry, please read below.

For Inquiry of the Quotation


We need below information.

1. Company Name *we deal with only B2B. Not personal shipment.
2. Commodity
3. Type of Logistics: Sea(FCL/LCL), Air, Cross Boarder
4. Incotemrs
5. Place of Loading(POL)
6. Place of Discharge(POD)
7. Cargo Volume
a. Container
b. Volume
c. Gross Weight
8. 1st Booking Schedule
9. Remark

Good Inquiry Example

1. Company Name: ABC Company limited.
2. Commodity: Auto Parts
3. Type of Logistics: Sea Shipment – FCL
4. Incotemrs: CIF
5. Place of Loading(POL) : Leam Chabang port
6. Place of Discharge(POD) : Tokyo port
7. Cargo Volume
a. Container: 20′ x 1, 40′ x 3
b. Volume: —
c. Gross Weight: about 5ton/container
8. 1st Booking Schedule: End of Aug
9. Remark: I really love your YouTube channel!

Bad Inquiry Example

1. Could you please send me the rate from Thailand to China by sea?
-> How we can prepare the quotation?

2. Please send me the cheapest rate.
-> Sorry, we cannot send you the cheapest but we try to give you good rate and good service.

3. Our volume is about 1-3box.
-> Sorry, we strongly recommend to use EMS or Courier(DHL/Fedex/UPS) service.
-> If the volume is less than 45kg, and a couple of box, Freight Forwarder cannot provide the benefit.


We are looking for your contact.