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We are a Logistics / Trading company in Thailand with Japanese Top Management. Our mother company Harper Sea Freight and Harper Group is a long-established forwarder in Thailand for over 30 years. We, HPS Trade, the company which is able to provide the Japanese quality service in this Thai Forwarding company group.

There are the customers of the Harper group that are major Japanese automobile and air conditioners manufactures that everyone knows, and they have been using Harper services for a long time.

And our HPS customers also are one of the major Japanese trading companies, cosmetic manufacturers and chemical manufacturers. They are satisfied with our service quality and competitive logistics costs.

HPS LINE Sticker Character
In addition to this, Japanese Freight Forwarding companies are also using our logistics service. There are reasons that the other logistics companies relay on us as subcontract logistics companies even in the same industry.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you need Good Ocean Freight or Vessel Space for exporting.

Ocean Export: HPS Strength Service

get spaceWe export 2,000 to 2,500 containers to overseas every month with our group companies. There are not so many Forwarders handling this amount of cargo in Thailand. This large cargo volume handling is enable us to negotiate with shipping companies to obtain a competitive ocean freight.

Also securing the space on the vessel is our great advantage. We may be able to take a case that other forwarders can not take space on the vessel. Songkran and Chinese New Year and Japanese New Year are times when the vessel space is crowded.

It is common that the customers who are troubled with space at these high seasons request the space to us. Of course, it can not be surely taken the space every time, but it is easier for us to have a certain level of flexibility in securing space because of our friednly relationship with the shipping company.

Another example of our flexibility of our service, we usually get booking reservation from 2 weeks to 4 weeks before cut of date. But we sometimes get an bookin request 2 or 3 days prior to cutoff as an urgent special request. Even in this case we may be able to take up space. *depend on the situation.

Strong destination for Ocean Export

strong port
We mainly export cargo to Asia, Southeast Asia and Middle East. There are customers with large shipments to Europe but we have overwhelming strengths in Asia market. Also there are many deal with Japanese factories in Thailand, so Japan is the one of the most strong destination for export the cargo.

While these areas are good at it for us, South America and Africa area are not currently handled so much. Therefore, we may not be able to offer much big merit in these areas. As you can see, the forwarders have regions that are good at proportion because of the handling cargo volume.

Cross-Border Track: Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, etc.

In recent years, our service is focused on cross-border tracks to Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. We can deliver cargos faster than ocean shipment but its logistics cost is cheaper than air flights.

Especially to Malaysia, there are regular delivery service so that it is possible for us to propose competitive price for customers.

As cross-border truck service is a Door to Door delivery, when compared with Door to Door’s ocean transportation, the price is almost the same but the transit term is around 3 – 4 business days (※ It depends on delivery area).

Normally, in the case of Door to Door transport by sea shipment, it takes days more than 10 days until cargo arrives at the designated destination.

Door to Door Transportation to Malaysia

Air Shipment / Customs Clearance

Harper Freight International, one of our group companies, is a long-established company in Thailand with 30 years experience. Also the number of Booking to TG (Thai Airways) is No. 1 in Thailand and dealing with a large number of air cargo every day.

Thanks to this big group company cooperation, we are able to provide the competitive rate and good service to our customers.

We also have a customs office at the airport, and it is also possible to respond quickly to customs clearance after the cargo arrives at the airport.

Regarding the import clearance of air cargo, one of our group companies handles over 1,200 jobs dealings every month as a subcontractor of a major international courier company.

Food, cosmetics, dangerous goods, exhibition cargo, individual moving cargo etc. we can handle these cargos that need various application without any problems.

Heavy Cargo Handling

We have an experience of transportation and installation for a large plant and molding machine exceeding 200 tons. In addition, we have removed/installed many machines such as stirrers, conveyors, furnaces and other factories.

Experience and techniques are necessary to move heavy objects safely. We visit and confirm the flow line from the entrance of the factory to the installation place of the machine in advance and move the machine safely using the best tool for each machine.

We will explain firmly to customers who have never dealt with heavy objects. We sometime receive unreasonable requests from customers and we refuse their request which may cause the accident. We have a responsibility to handle the heavy cargo without any problems.

In the case if the an accident occurs, it will greatly influence the customer’s production schedule. The heavy cargo handling is no so easy as you imagine. If it fall down with accident, it takes so much time to recover to wake it up and restore on the place. In order not to do so, we will propose the best cargo transfer method considering safety first.

Performance of Heavy Cargo Installation / Removal at customer factory

Thai Domestic Warehouse: General, Temperatured · Refrigerated · Frozen warehouse, Dangerous goods, Bonded Warehouse

warehouseAs for warehouses, we also propose the best one to much your request. General warehouses, Refrigerated and Frozen warehouses and dangerous goods warehouses.

The warehouses we are affiliated with are located in the area of ​​Samut Prakan, BangNa, Laem Chabang where close and convenient to Bangkok Port, Laem Chabang Port, and Bangkok Airport.

Also, the warehouse is not just a place to store cargos. It is an “adjustment space of distribution” that arranges product checking, assembly, sorting, labeling, delivery schedule adjustment, loading and unloading from/to container, etc.

Each condition and purpose of the warehouse differs according to the customer, therefore, we will hear the request of the customer firmly before making a suggestion.

Various Warehouses in Samut Prakan, Bangna, Laem Chabang area

Thai Domestic Truck / Trailer Transportation

We propose not only trailers used for container transportation but also various sized trucks to be used for LCL and Air shipment. And the truck is used for the Inbound transportation as well.

This is the example of our truck service quality. There is the customers dealing with iron pipes had product theft problems during domestic transportation. Then, after they switched to our GPS truck service, this theft problem stopped and never happened, which made our customer satisfied a lot.

The other example, there is one of the major Japanese car tire companies that we provide our trucks to use inside of the factory.

And we are honored as the safe truck suppliers without any accidents for more than 3 years.

We can arrange loading workers as well. When trucks and containers are loaded in bulk (without pallets), our truck drivers and workers are responsible for loading the customer’s cargo.


We are particularly strong on sea exports due to a big volume cargo handling experience as a long-established Forwarder in Thailand and a strong relationship with the shipping company.

Also we can handle many logistics jobs as well. We have many options and information as we explained above.

We will propose the optimum logistics to meet your requirements, so please contact us first if you have any problems or concerns about logistics in Thailand.


We take advantage of our own logistics strengths to do our Trading business. We are good at selling and buying Palm oils and Animal feeds, and we are currently expanding our business to Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan.

If you are interested in raw materials traded in Southeast Asian countries as well as procurement of Palm oil and Animal feed, please send your inquiry.

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