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HPS Trade utilizes every means of sea, air, and land transport to offer optimal shipping solutions tailored to the characteristics of the cargo and the challenges faced by our customers.


Logisitics Service
Logisitics Service


Marine Transport Services

Through collaboration with the CONNECT Group, which has close connections with shipping companies, we boast a container transport volume of approximately 5,000 TEU per month.

Even during the global container space shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided stable transportation services to our customers.

We strive to offer proactive solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations 24/7, 365 days a year.

Comprehensive Support for Complex Import/Export Procedures

From FDA registration required for food imports to cargo subject to CITES regulations, leave all necessary procedures and document preparation to us.

HPS’s Advantages

  • Competitive rates achieved through close relationships with shipping companies
  • Strong performance in transporting cargo to Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Europe
  • Flexibility in routes, schedules, and space allocation
  • Stable vessel space secured throughout the year
  • Proven track record of transporting 5,000 TEU per month
  • Capability to transport a wide range of cargo, including food, hazardous materials, and large cargo


Logisitics Service
Logisitics Service


Air Transport Services

Harper Freight International Air Cargo, Thailand’s No.1 specialist in air cargo bookings with Thai Airways, is part of our group. Through our collaboration, we offer special rates for transportation.

We efficiently handle the transportation of fresh fish, vegetables, and urgent shipments requiring short delivery times, leveraging the speed of air transport to deliver swiftly to our customers.

Fast Customs Procedures at Bangkok’s Air Gateway

With a customs office located within Suvarnabhumi Airport, close to central Bangkok, we can expedite customs procedures swiftly.

HPS’s Advantages

  • Proposing LCC and freighter flights (cargo planes) as needed
  • Collaboration with the group’s air freight specialist company to apply special rates
  • Swift customs clearance with our office located within the airport
  • FDA registration and related documentation for food samples handled on your behalf


Logisitics Service
Logisitics Service


Cross-Border Truck Transport Services

If you are considering high-volume cargo transport to neighboring countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, China), cross-border trucking is recommended when speed is a priority.

While sea transport takes approximately 10 days Door to Door, cross-border trucking can deliver in 3 to 4 days. It offers higher capacity than air transport and is faster than sea transport, making it a standout choice.

HPS’s Advantages

  • Greater transport capacity per shipment compared to air transport, offering cost benefits
  • Smooth cargo transport through information coordination with local agents
  • Door-to-door service costs similar to ocean transport
  • Fast, multimodal transport with delivery to neighboring countries of Thailand in 3 to 4 days
Logisitics Service


Domestic Truck Transport Services in Thailand

We ensure timely delivery and cargo safety, arranging trucks according to your needs and strictly managing drivers.

HPS Trade has built a strong partnership with our truck suppliers for over 10 years, providing services that meet the strict transport standards required by our customers.

Our dedicated efforts have been awarded as an accident-free truck supplier for four consecutive terms.

We transport your cargo with various trucks, including 4Wheel Trucks, 6Wheel Trucks, 10Wheel Trucks, Flatbed Trucks, and Lowbed Trucks.

HPS’s Advantages

  • All managed trucks are equipped with GPS
  • Service manuals are prepared for each customer to ensure stable transport quality
  • Milk-run transport is utilized to visit multiple delivery points according to the schedule
  • Strict management of truck drivers through drug and alcohol testing


Logisitics Service
Logisitics Service


Project Cargo Transport Services

We possess extensive know-how and advanced techniques for transporting oversized, heavy, and uniquely shaped cargo that exceeds container capacity.

For example, we have supported the transportation of over 200-ton molding machines from China, the transportation of complete plant equipment, installation work, and even scrap disposal, all in a one-stop service.

For the safe transportation of high-value cargo, such as new and used machinery in Thailand, please contact HPS Trade.

HPS’s Advantages

  • One-stop services from machine installation, foundation work, electrical and piping work, to scrap disposal
  • Experienced Japanese professionals oversee meetings and on-site work
  • Simultaneous arrangement of special containers such as open-top and flat rack containers
  • Simultaneous Coordination of Sea Transport, Customs Clearance, and Temporary Storage Warehouses


Logisitics Service
Logisitics Service


Optimal Warehouse Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

We offer warehouses in optimal locations to meet your specific needs. Whether you require general warehouses, hazardous materials warehouses, refrigerated and frozen storage, or bonded warehouses, we can provide facilities with ample space and necessary equipment.

Our warehouses also support crating, barrier packaging, palletizing, and other packaging operations. Additionally, we can accommodate requests for reinforced cardboard and fumigation arrangements.

HPS’s Advantages

  • Proposing warehouses in preferred locations such as near ports and airports
  • Offering hazardous materials warehouses, temperature-controlled, refrigerated, and frozen warehouses, and bonded warehouses
  • Enabling processing trade through assembly and processing in bonded warehouses for re-export
  • Handling light work such as loading and unloading heavy cargo, and lashing