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Making Workers Happier
–This is the HPS Trade Way

 At HPS Trade, we value working in ways that break free from conventional boundaries. We set only the minimal rules, making our office a place always filled with laughter and energy.

What matters to us is not just “working hard,” but “working smart.” We embrace diversity, welcoming all individuals, including LGBTQ+ people and various races.

We offer opportunities for career advancement, from customer service to sales, and provide commission incentives to support staff’s career growth. We are looking for “fun” teammates who share our approach and values.


The 9 Cultures Fostered by HPS Trade

  • Maximize value before selling
  • Rather than escaping, overcome and complete
  • Connect with people and build deep trust
  • Be a company where everyone is fulfilled 
  • Work with a playful spirit
  • Consider speed as a key factor
  • Work smart
  • Be sincere, even if immature
  • Provide value that customers are willing to use, even at a higher price


of Working at HPS Trade



Opportunities for Education, Training, and Skill Enhancement

Through our e-learning platform “Trade Camp” and hands-on training (OJT) with experienced mentors, you can steadily acquire knowledge and practical skills in the trade industry. Even if you lack experience, we support your rapid growth into a valuable asset, equipping you to make an immediate impact.

Furthermore, we hold weekly training sessions and regular meetings for our sales team, while our customer service and customs teams participate in monthly training sessions and regular meetings.

Example of the training

Orientation for New Employees

A comprehensive orientation program will be conducted immediately after joining the company. New employees will gain an understanding of the responsibilities of each department, learn the overall workflow, and delve into the specifics of their roles.


Advance your self-study with “TRADE CAMP,” an online course specialized in trade. Easily acquire trade rules and knowledge. Tests are also used to deepen your understanding.

OJT (On-the-Job Training)

Within approximately two weeks of joining, sales staff learn sales approach methods and begin proposing international transportation solutions to customers. Customer service staff start handling existing customer accounts.

Employee Benefits and Company Policies

Sales Conversion

Employees who have gained experience in customer service can also be converted to sales positions. Many staff members succeed as strong, practical salespeople. As commissions are earned based on sales, there is also potential for increased income.

Meals and Extracurricular Activities

We regularly host staff participation events such as lunch or dinner at popular, hard-to-reserve restaurants and activity experiences. These events deepen interactions among staff across different roles and career backgrounds.

Company Trips

Once a year, we organize employee trips within Thailand as well as to destinations like Singapore and Taiwan. These trips feature memorable and enjoyable events, such as luxurious meals and karaoke parties, suitable for special occasions.





Scorp of works

We provide total logistics coordination tailored to your needs.
We handle everything from product packaging, loading into containers, transportation to the container yard, and customs clearance to delivery. This includes preparing detailed estimates that cover all related costs.
By working closely with local suppliers and overseeing operations on-site, we manage everything from small to large cargo, ensuring responsible and proper delivery of goods.

Necessary Experience

  • Proactive Attitude
  • English Proficiency
  • Experience in the Logistics Industry (preferred, but not required)


Oversea Sales

Scorp of works

We propose sea freight and air freight estimates to overseas forwarder agents.
Additionally, we respond promptly and with the meticulous service typical of Japanese companies to inquiries from overseas.
We attend conferences of the forwarder network we belong to and conduct 1-on-1 meetings with representatives from each agent. As a forwarder in Thailand, we actively promote our services to overseas agents and secure projects.

Necessary Experience
  • Forwarding Experience
  • English Proficiency
  • Proactiveness


Customer service

Scorp of works

Handling reservations from existing customers, providing ship schedule information, sending documents to overseas agents, and preparing invoices, while coordinating with sales representatives to arrange cargo transportation.
With support from the sales representatives, the Thai Managing Director, and the Japanese CEO, you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of cargo, enabling skill enhancement.

Necessary Experience
  • Experience in the logistics industry (required)
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork


Customs clearance

Scorp of works

In addition to customs declarations for cases handled by our company, you will be responsible for coordinating customs procedures for the export and import of cargo while collaborating with relevant companies.
You will request the necessary documents from shippers for registrations such as FDA, EPA, CITES, and alcohol labels, and expedite the registration process.

Necessary Experience
  • Experience in customs clearance
  • English proficiency


Authentic Voices of HPS member

Q.How do members feel about the work atmosphere and environment at HPS Trade?

There is no organization as open and flexible as HPS Trade

I feel reassured that my concerns and opinions are genuinely listened to.

This is the happiest company I have ever worked for.

My work is enjoyable thanks to my excellent boss and colleagues.

Working at HPS Trade was the right choice.

Even the challenges at work feel like valuable experiences.

It’s the most comfortable work environment I have ever experienced.

There is wonderful teamwork that feels like a family.


Could you tell me about the selection process?

The selection process proceeds as follows: document screening → first interview → second interview → final interview → job offer.
First, please apply through the contact page on our website. A representative will contact you shortly. After the initial inquiry, please prepare your resume and work history.

Can I speak with someone before the selection process?

We are very sorry, but please refrain from inquiries if you do not have an intention to apply. We frequently share information on YouTube and X (Twitter). Please refer to that content first.

I am currently living in Vietnam. Can I apply?

Yes, you can apply. However, please be aware that the employment will be based in Thailand. Our group company also has remote positions available through BPO. If you are interested, please contact HPS CONNECT Co., Ltd. directly.

I live abroad. It will take some time to prepare for travel, obtain a visa, and secure housing before I can start work. Can the start date be adjusted?

Yes, it can be adjusted within three months from the offer.

Is there a possibility of transfer?

In principle, there are no transfers. However, when expanding the business, we may seek volunteers.

Is full remote work possible?

Our company does not have tasks that can be handled fully remotely. However, our group company, HPS CONNECT Co., Ltd., is recruiting for full remote work through BPO.

Are there any required qualifications to engage in forwarding operations?

No, special qualifications are not required.

I have no experience in the industry, can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply. We will make a comprehensive judgment based on your past experience and achievements.

What level of language proficiency is required?

For English, a level sufficient for everyday conversation is acceptable.We expect a TOEIC score of 700 or higher.

How is the salary determined?

For sales positions, in addition to the base salary, a commission is generated if a gross profit of more than three times the salary is achieved.



Job Title Sales Position
Employment Type Full-time Employee
Job Description

You will be responsible for total logistics coordination, ensuring small to large cargo is properly managed and delivered responsibly in cooperation with local suppliers.

【Specific Job Duties】

  • Acquiring new clients, focusing mainly on Japanese companies in Thailand
  • Regularly listening to and resolving issues for existing clients
  • Preparing quotations
  • On-site supervision
  • Handling email correspondence with agents in Japan
Required Qualifications and Skills English: Conversational level (TOEIC score of 700 or above is expected)
Salary Payment Unit: Annual Salary
Base Salary: THB 50,000/month or more + commission
Remarks: Some Thai sales staff earn commissions ranging from THB 200,000/month to THB 300,000/month.
Allowances Commuting Allowance: Included in the base salary
Communication Allowance: THB 1,000/month
Salary Increase Once a year (January)
Bonus Once a year (December)
Work Location Sathorn (Bangkok)
Transfer Possibility None
Working Hours 8:45 AM – 5:30 PM
Average Overtime 5 hours or less per month
Holidays and Leave Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays
Insurance Thai Social Insurance
Employee Benefits
  • Dinner gatherings
  • Company trips
Training Programs
  • New Employee Orientation
  • TRADE CAMP (E-learning)
  • On-the-Job Training (OJT)
Application Method Please apply through the contact page on our website.