HPS Trade, a distribution agent
that accelerates business locally in Asia


GO beyond, with HPS Value



Beyond the Border, with "FUN."
Then, now, and always.

HPS Trade, born from the combined strengths of Japanese CEO Iino and Thai Managing Director Keng, is a one-of-a-kind forwarder that possesses a local network deeply rooted in Thailand and the high-quality service of Japan.

Our dynamic management, reflected in robust sales, international expansion, new business ventures, and the operation of our YouTube channel with over 110,000 subscribers, is driven by a shared value:

"Whether or not we are having fun!"

When it comes to work, we want to connect with fun colleagues, enjoy our work, and most importantly, be excited about the future. We seriously consider how to make things fun so that everyone involved—whether Thai staff, Japanese staff, partners, or clients—can "work happy."

We believe that beyond this lies a business that only HPS Trade can achieve.

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  • ABOUT HPS Trade
  • ABOUT HPS Trade
  • ABOUT HPS Trade



CEO/Shinya Iino

Driving force is FUN!
Connecting various things and enjoying it.
Because beyond that, a new world must be waiting.


My primary focus is to elevate Japan’s presence.

I want to share the value and excellence of Japanese services with the world.

To achieve this, we embody the Samurai Spirit, never backing down from any challenge. With a profound sense of duty (Giri) and compassion (Ninjo), we confront challenges head-on and complete them to the very end.

Forwarding is one of its means. Therefore, we will continue to expand various businesses. I’m sure It will be something that excites everyone.

Thanks to this, our company is full of enjoyable members, and working with such members naturally attracts fascinating business opportunities.

We don’t just work; we aim to do fun things with fun people.

Connecting various things, combining them further, and having fun. Because beyond that, a new world must be waiting.

HPS Trade promises to show you an exciting future.

Kriengsak L.

Managing Director/Kriengsak L.

Logistics is not just about transporting cargo.
We dedicate ourselves to delivering with optimal lead times and costs.


I studied logistics at university and decided to pursue a career in this field. After graduating, I joined NYK Line (now ONE Line) and later worked at TS Lines as an Assistant Sales Manager, followed by a position as a Sales Manager at CNC (now CMA-CGM). In 2016, I co-founded HPS Trade with Iino.

We had only four staff members when we started, but by 2024, our team had grown to 25. The keys to our success are our 24/7 service, competitive pricing, experienced team members, and the fusion of Thai excellence with high-quality Japanese service.

Our commitment to completing every job and our attitude to never back down have earned us the trust of many Japanese companies. Despite external factors like the global economy, wars, and inflation, we have steadily grown as a company, thanks to Iino’s skills, the dedication of our staff, and, above all, our strong connections with our clients.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to our hardworking staff, clients who have supported HPS Trade with their generous support, and our many business partners.





Philosophy of Work: “There is a solution to every problem.”

As a sales professional, I handle maritime and air transport for import and export companies. We deal with various items such as resins, food, animal hides, and scrap materials.

HPS Trade has an open atmosphere and is a flexible company that listens attentively to issues and opinions. We are financially stable and well-trusted by suppliers and carriers.




HPS Trade: A Secure Area, My Second Home

After graduating from Bangkok University, I gained logistics industry experience. My sales activities at HPS Trade have especially enriched me with extensive knowledge and experience.

The knowledge I’ve gained is shared with my customers and colleagues. I enjoy my work while upholding the motto “Customer First.”



International Sales

"Life without challenges is a waste. (Mottaiinai)"

As a sales professional, I primarily handle overseas clients. Working at HPS Trade is full of learning opportunities, filled with various opportunities and filled with various challenges.

This is my first experience in the forwarding industry, and although I had some anxieties, I am now enjoying my work and spending fulfilling days thanks to my great superiors and wonderful colleagues.




A Smooth-Running Workplace, Empowering Me to Embrace Challenges

As a sales professional, I primarily handle clients in the Asia and Middle East regions for imports and exports. I approach my work with a particular focus on giving my best every day.

Despite occasional challenges at work, the generous support from my colleagues and superiors enables me to view these obstacles positively, as valuable learning experiences.



Customer Service

Unrivaled Comfort: A Team and Environment I’ve Never Experienced Before

As a customer service professional, I support clients primarily engaged in direct exports. Most of our clients are seasoned exporters, which makes communication and coordination straightforward.

I focus on giving my best every day. My colleagues, who are close in age, and my supportive superiors keep me motivated.

Mission Vision Value


GO beyond, with HPS Value

With highly skilled teammates,
we build strong networks locally,
delivering the “Wow!” worldwide.


Beyond the Border, with "Fun!"

Fusion of Values Connect * Challenge and Growth Challenge * Creation and Innovation Break Though

Vision Map


Company name HPS Trade Co., Ltd.
Established September, 2016
Address 42, Connect Tower, 8th Floor, Room 8B, Narathiwat-Rachanakarin 10,Thungwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
TEL +66-02-223-3194
FAX +66-021-8433
Representative CEO : SHINYA IINO
Managing Director : KRIENGSAK L.
Capital THB5,000,000
Employee 27
Business Forwarding Services, Trading Services, Customs Clearance, Domestic Transportation, Warehouse Arrangement, Heavy Cargo Transportation
Affiliated Companies


【HPS Group】





HPS Trade Co., Ltd was founded in Bangkok, Thailand by the current CEO Iino, Managing Director Keng, and four Thai staff members, totaling six people. The company simultaneously launched forwarding and trading services.


Following the bankruptcy of South Korea’s major shipping company Hanjin in the previous year, the consolidation of shipping companies accelerated. Despite the maritime recession, we continued to steadily develop business relationships with Japanese companies, achieving a profitable balance sheet in our first year.


Early turnover of young staff has led to instability in securing human resources, causing stagnation in acquiring new domestic customers. However, through collaboration with overseas agents, we secured a major project for the China-Europe route, resulting in a 1.7-fold increase in profits compared to the previous year.


As a trading company, we handled high-protein feed for layers (egg-laying chickens) from Belgium’s INTRACO but struggled to penetrate the Thai farming market and eventually withdrew. Additionally, we began supporting EU businesses from Japan and selling original crocodile leather products as a Thai procurement agent. However, compared to the forwarding business, sales and profits did not increase, leading to the sale of the business.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a chronic shortage of containers, and securing vessel space was considered difficult. However, by leveraging our relationships with shipping companies, we managed to secure stable space on long-distance routes to North America, the Middle East, and Europe. This contributed to the stable supply chains of shippers and industry peers.

CEO Iino began activities on YouTube, and a video explaining the container shortage received worldwide attention, raising his profile as a globally recognized logistics YouTuber.


The number of container ships delayed at ports on the West Coast of North America exceeded 100. The issue of ships waiting offshore became a problem worldwide, and the tight transport space continued for an extended period. Ocean freight rates reached record highs.

Amidst this situation, inquiries about ocean transport via YouTube increased dramatically. By focusing on transactions with agents and developing sales strategies that leveraged our strength in procurement, we achieved record-high performance.


CEO Iino returned to Japan. In April, as a group company, he established HPS Link Co., Ltd., a recruitment agency specializing in the trade and international logistics industry. In the first year, the company struggled to attract job seekers, resulting in a deficit of approximately 10 million yen.

Meanwhile, HPS Trade continued regular operations during Iino’s stay in Japan, maintaining stable performance.


HPS Link Co., Ltd. gained traction and achieved a profitable balance sheet in its second year. In November, HPS CONNECT Co., Ltd. was established with the aim of developing and creating immediately effective human resources for the trade industry. The company provides next-generation e-learning, training for companies and university students, and outsourcing services for trade operations with talented personnel who have acquired trade knowledge and practical experience.

HPS Trade, HPS Link, and HPS CONNECT are working together to maximize synergies and drive reforms in the trade industry.


Realizing the mid-term vision of becoming an “indispensable company.” Branches were established in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. We have steadily expanded our network to over 50 countries worldwide, beyond Asia and Southeast Asia. Our bold approach and success in handling high-difficulty shipments, such as rare animals, have been recognized and featured in various media.




About the CONNECT Group

Led by Harper’s Sea Freight Co., Ltd., which boasts over 35 years of history in Thailand, the CONNECT Group includes companies that excel in specific regions (Japan, the Middle East, North America) in ocean transportation, companies that handle refrigerated and frozen cargo and hazardous materials, air transport specialists, and domestic transportation services through their own drayage. This professional group offers a variety of distinctive forwarding services.

With a total transport volume of 5,000 TEU per month across the group, we conduct advantageous negotiations with shipping companies. We promise competitive rates and secured vessel space.


The HPS Group consists of four companies, including HPS Trade
HPS Link
Co., Ltd.

Operating HR service specializing in the trade and international logistics industry in Japan.

Co., Ltd.

Providing the Freight Forwarding and BPO service for the international trade industry.

HPS Creative
Pte. Ltd.

Based in Singapore, specialize in planning and producing the various web media for the international trade industry.