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that accelerates business locally in Asia


GO beyond, with HPS Value

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What's HPS Value?

With highly skilled teammates, we build strong networks locally, delivering the “wow!” worldwide.

HPS Value comprises three core elements of HPS: “Experts (People),” “Special Cargos (Freights),” and “Local Networks (Connections).” This represents our highly skilled professional team that builds strong relationships with local companies and handles even the most challenging shipments with ease.

Based on this “HPS Value,” we deliver the wonder and delight beyond the cargo, bringing indescribable experiences and “wow!” moments from Asia to the world. We will strive to extend our network to support local businesses beyond logistics, forging stronger connections than ever before.

About HPS Value
About HPS Value
About HPS Value


About HPS Value


Knowledge, Experience, and Human Connections
— each demonstrates its strength.

Our entire team, including two Japanese members, consists of experienced professionals in the logistics industry.

We have experts from diverse fields, including those with extensive networks from major global carriers, customs specialists well-versed in Thai regulations, and staff with rich experience in food imports and registrations.

During the container shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we leveraged our strong connections with major shipping companies to secure stable shipping space and containers, delivering support that exceeded our customers’ expectations.

About HPS Value

02.Special Cargo

No Matter the Cargo, We'll Deliver It
——for the Wonder and Delight Beyond.

HPS Trade handles not only general cargo but also high-difficulty and niche cargo, including those requiring special customs procedures or subject to laws and treaties, and specialized cargo that is challenging to transport.

Leveraging the expertise of our CEO Iino, with over 10 years of forwarding experience in Thailand, we also provide case studies for Japanese companies.

“I’ve never seen anything so fascinating.” “I’ve never tasted anything so delicious.”

Count on HPS Trade to deliver these amazing experiences of wonder and delight.

HPS Trade transports such special cargoes.
About HPS Value
FDA Products

Food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals

About HPS Value

Plants, animals,
leather goods

About HPS Value

Paintings, crafts, sculptures

About HPS Value
Heavy Cargo

Plant materials, large machinery

About HPS Value
Concert Equipment

Equipments for
Bands & Orchestras

About HPS Value
Large Animals

Racehorses, pandas, elephants

About HPS Value
Luxury Cars

Racing cars for competitions

About HPS Value

Trees, stones, palm trees

About HPS Value


Please consult us regarding cargo that other companies have turned down.

If you’ve been turned down by other companies and are out of options, or if you don’t know how to transport something, please contact HPS Trade.

About HPS Value

03.Local Networks

A Close Relationship with the Thai Local Network,
Expanding Its Connections Worldwide.

HPS Trade has deeply rooted its network in Thailand, building strong trust relationships that large forwarders cannot achieve. Highly regarded word-of-mouth and referrals often lead to new business opportunities.

Recently, we have significantly expanded our unique local network beyond Thailand, connecting with local partners around the world. Leveraging our close relationships with over 150 companies globally, we provide highly satisfying services.

About HPS Value

From Logistics to Business Partner

"HPS Value"
Goes Beyond Logistics. 
In the future,
let businesses also embody
"wonder" and "delight".

About HPS Value

Local Business Partner Plan

The new project,
"Local Business Partner Initiative"
is currently underway!

To accelerate our customers’ businesses, a new challenge has begun. Beyond logistics, we offer a new service as a business partner well-versed in local business conditions, responding to local business needs.

Leveraging our strengths as logistics professionals, we are committed to further building networks through interactions with local companies and organizations.