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Warehouse Quotation in Thailand – How to Check Storage, WH IN/WH OUT, Loading/Unloading Fee on Quotation

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When you are looking for a warehouse in Thailand, you will consider about not only the location but also the price. I would like to explain about warehouse cost details this time. Although the conditions on the quotation is not exactly the same depending on the warehouse supplier, the basic items are the same. Storage Charge It is the storage space cost for keeping cargo in a warehouse. Unit on the quotation : RT (Revenue Ton) when we calculate the storage cost, the unit of RT (Rebound Newton) will be used. RT is to compare “Size” and “Weight” and calculate which is larger unit. · Unit of Size: CBM (cubic […]

What is B/L in Logistics? Explained B/L role and flow with illustrations

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bl flow

B/L (bill of lading) has a very important role in the international trade. This time I would like to explain the summery of the B/L role. It is easier to understand the outline of B/L first then try to understand the detail later. What is B/L? Briefly, B/L is “cargo receipt document” & “exchange document to the cargo”. Issuing B/L is the shipping company on the side of the exporter and is issued at the timing when the ship departed from the port. Without B/L, importers will not be able to pick up the cargo that arrived at the port. Therefore, losing B/L leads to a serious problem. B/L will […]

Explained Incoterms with illustration. Necessary knowledge for Logistics job

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It is Incoterms that you must understand as long as you are a person who works not only in forwarders but also in the logistics department of manufacturers and trading companies. There are 11 items in Incoterms, but this time I would like to explain the 6 items used frequently. What is Incoterms? Incoterms is the definition of trade terms negotiated by the International Chamber of Committee. In trade transactions, the seller and buyer must firmly agree on conditions such as fare, insurance premiums and risk burden. This must not be inconsistent depending on the language and the countries so that we use internationally unified trading conditions called Incoterms. To […]

How to find Good Forwarder?

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How to find and distinguish “Good Forwarder”? There are so many freight Forwarders in Thailand market. Each of them have strong points and weak points on their job. Today, I would like to explain 4 points of how to distinguish good Forwarder to choose for your logistics. 1. The most important job as a Forwarder What means “Good” on Forwarder job? Is it Price? Service?Company Brand? I understand it depends on the people to decide what’s point is the important for Forwarder job. However, there is the point that all shipper/customer accept as “Good” on the Forwarder job. It is “Reserving Space”. No space No delivery “Space” means the cargo […]

What’s International Freight Forwarder?

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What’s International Freight Forwarder? When you look for job relating to Overseas, English, International and so on, you will find the job of the Freight Forwarder. But If you have never worked in this field, you will never know what you do as Freight Forwarder by checking only job description. Today, I would like to explain the job of the Forwarder briefly for the person who is interested in this job field. I hope this information will help to understand our business. Forwarding is one of the Logistics First, You have to know “Logistics” in order to understand the Forwarder job since the Forwarder is one of the category of […]

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