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Instruction of how to write B/L. Explained the risk of B/L mistake and how to minimize the B/L problem

Instruction of how to write B/L. Explained the risk of B/L mistake and how to minimize the B/L problem | Marine Transport

B / L Writing style

B/L (bill of lading) is a document issued when we send a cargo to a foreign country, and it is a very important document to be used by the importinging side to receive cargo as well. This time we will explain the major subjects that must be written in B/L and will explain about some problems due to mistakes in B/L. The format of B/L may be different from Shipping Lines and Forwarders, but basically they are almost common. [br num = “2”]

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Main subjects of “Bill of Lading”

① Ship Line name / ② B/L number / ③ Shipper ※ About exporters / ④ Consignee ※ About importers / ⑤ Notify Party / ⑥ Vessel name and Voyage Number / ⑦ Port of Loading / ⑧ Port of Discharge / ⑨ Place of Delivery / ⑩ Description of Cargos * Mark, Quantity, Weight, Number of containers, Packing form etc / ⑪ Type of B/L / ⑫ Freight Payment Place * Prepaid (Shipper payment) or Collect (Cnee payment) / ⑬ Information of the Destination Agent / ⑭ B/L issued date


Reasons to avoid mistakes in B/L description

If you do not correct (revise) the mistake such as misspelling in the statement of B/L, Cnee will not be able to pick up cargo at the destination. B/L is created based on S.I (Shipping Instruction) issued by Shipper, but misspelling is frequently seen. ※Shipping Line and Forwarders also do misspellings sometimes when B/L is made.

Especially, please be careful of mistakes on the part of Shipper, Cnee, Notify, Description. Spelling mistakes are often seen in company name and address written in English. Also the cargo weight and quantity are often different from Packing List. [br num=”2″]

Actually it takes time to revise B/L. Even if the cargo already arrive at the destination, Cnee can not take it out till B/L is revised, which is the problem.

If the original B/L has already been sent to Cnee, it can not be revised unless B/L is sent back to the Shipper. Free time (free container storage period at the port) expires while it takes time to correct B/L and demurrage (overtime fee for container storage expenses at the port) may occur.

As for the description contents of B/L, please check carefully when you receive the Draft B/L and also check the issued B/L carefully on both Shipper side and Cnee side.


Benefits of House B/L

Master B/L is issued by Shipping Line and House B/L is issued by Forwarder. It is a premise that we do not make a mistake when creating B/L, but since it is a person’s creation, mistakes may still occur.

We have to solve the problem as soon as possible when it happens. If you use the Forwarder which has a lot of experience and friendly service, you can solve the problem very quickly. As for the B/L problem, it is solved by Forwarder immideately as long as using House B/L,. [br num=”2″]

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B/L is a very important document in an international trade. Since B/L is a valuable securities, it must be strictly controlled by Shipping Lines and Forwarders. Please make sure the contents on B/L firmly and make the deal smoothly.