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【Special Edition】Summary of the specifications of the truck / trailer used for domestic transportaion in Thailand! Size, loadable weight, refrigerated / frozen, milk run, security, GPS etc will be explained.

【Special Edition】Summary of the specifications of the truck / trailer used for domestic transportaion in Thailand! Size, loadable weight, refrigerated / frozen, milk run, security, GPS etc will be explained. | Cross-Border Trucking

Various types of trucks are used for domestic cargo transportation in Thailand. It is required to select appropriate trucks based on cargo conditions such as weight, size, height and temperature control. This time we would like to explain the specifications of each truck used in Thailand and the transportation method using these trucks.


Type/Size/Feature of truck

4Wheel track

This is 4 Wheel truck, or a truck called a pickup truck. If the cargo weight is 1 ton or less and up to 2 pallets, this truck can transport. It is a truck that can arrange with the cheapest price.

Specification of 4Wheel truck

· Width: 1 m
· Length: 2.2 m
· Height: 2.1 m
· Maximum loadingweight: 1.2 tons

6Wheel middle track

6 wheel truck is common in Thailand domestic transportation, but we can arrange middle size which is slightly smaller than the normal 6 wheel truck. The number of tires is 6 and the weight of cargo is 5 tons or less. It is better to use this truck up to 10 pallets.

Specification of 6Wheel middle truck

· Width: 2.2 m
· Length: 5.5 m
· Height: 2.2 m
· Maximum loading weight: 5 ton

6 Wheel jumbo truck

6 Wheel truck box Ttpe

In our services, there is 6W middle truck so we call it jumbo, that is a common 6W truck in Thailand’s domestic truck transportation. The Japanese truck is a wing car that the door rises upward, but the Thai truck is a box type that the doors are double doors open. It is possible to load cargo from both behind and sideways. The number of tires is 6 and the weight of cargo is 5 tons or less. It is possible to load up to 14 pallets.

Specification of 6Wheel truck

· Width: 2.3 m
· Length: 7.2 m
· Height: 2.3 m
· Maximum loading weight: 5 ton

6Wheel truck flat bed type

For cargoes that are difficult to load using forklifts or when handling cargo with height, we recommend a flatbed type that can use a crane. In the rainy season, using a cover to protect the cargo from rain.

Specification of 6Wheel flatbed truck

· Width: 2.2 m
·Length: 6.2
· Height: 2.3 m (Maximum)
· Maximum loading weight: 5 ton

10Wheel truck

It is a truck that can carry heavier cargo than 6 Wheel truck. The size of the truck is same as 6 Wheel jumbo truck, but there are 10 tires and the loadable weight is up to 8 tons.

Specification of 10Wheel truck

· Width: 2.3 m
· Length: 7.2 m
· Height: 2.3 m
· Maximum loading weight: 8 ton

18Wheel flatbed trailer

Trailers are used when transporting machinery and heavy industrial products. The size is same as 40 ‘container that is 12 meters, there are 18 tires, and maximum loadable weight is 30 tons.

It is better to calculate whether to use 6W trucks multiple times or 18W trailer once because not only the weight but also the cargo loading capacity at once is big in 18W trailer.

Specification of 18Wheel flatbedtrailer

· Width: 2.5 m
· Length: 12 m
· Height: 2 m (Maximum)
· Maximum loading weight: 30 ton

18Wheel low bed trailer

It is a low floor trailer. When it is heavy cargo and the height is 3m or more, there is a risk that the center of gravity will become high and fall when it is mounted on a flatbed trailer.

Since the floor is designed to be low in the low-bed trailer, the center of gravity will not rise and it can be transported more safely. In general the lowbed trailer is more expensive than the flatbed trailer.

Specification of 18Wheel low bed trailer

Length and width are almost the same as flatbed, but the specification varies depending on the type of lowbed trailer. Please ask with freight details of transportation when you need a 18Wheel low bed trailer.

Heive Truck – Track with crane

It is a truck and a trailer on which the crane is installed. It is called “heave”. There are various sizes, and usable weight of a crane is commonly 5 tons. It is used when the forklift can not be used and there is no crane installation at the factory.

Specification of heive truck

· Width: 2.3 m
· Length: 6 m
· Height: 2.3 m (Maximum)
· Maximum loading weight: 5 tons

Cold/reefer truck *refrigerated/frozen/temperature control truck

In Thailand there are many dealing of seafood products, so there are trucks that can control the temperature of frozen / chilled temperature.

Japanese truck companies also are entering in Thailand market one after another since the demand for frozen and chilled foods at convenience stores and supermarkets has increased, and the demand for trucks that can manage temperature has also increased.

Types of refrigerated and frozen trucks are generally 4-wheel type and 6-wheel type.

Specification of 4Wheel Cold / Reefer Truck

· Width: 1.62 m
· Length: 2.24 m
· Height: 1.5
· Maximum loading weight: 1.1 tons
· Temperature control: + 25 ° to -18 °

Specification of 6Wheel Cold/Reefer Truck

· Width: 2.25 m
· Length: 6.09 m
· Height: 2.23 m
· Maximum loading weight: 5 tons
· Temperature control: + 25 ° to -18 °


Milk run truck transport

Milk run is a truck transportation that one truck delivers to multiple destinations determined according to the schedule. It is mainly used in the automobile industry.

There is not so much milk run service in local Thai truck company. Even if there is a milk run service, there are many cases that the delivery schedule is confused due to driver mistakes or misunderstandings.

In the local Thai truck company that we cooperate, we have been training together as there are many Japanese corporate customers. We should not relay on only the driver. So we hire the supervisors, conduct route management, and regular training for drivers.

In our milk run service, we provide the same service level as Japanese companies in the cost of local Thai.


Charter truck

Truck delivery in Thailand is commonly transported by a charter truck that can borrow one truck. The home delivery service has not penetrated yet, so they use 4 Wheel truck or bike delivery service.


The truck has a GPS

All trucks in our company installed GPS, so we know the location of the truck and cargo in real time. This makes it possible to arrange for optimum arrangements for delivery and to prevent theft by the driver.

As an example from our customer, cargo was stolen often until they stared using our service. By switching it to our service, no more theft occured.

The local truck service is certainly cheap, but the quality level of the service is often low accordingly. The truck may be unsanitary or the level of motivation of the driver may be low.

Our truck service aims at improving the service level to offers customers the meritable price and high quality service by an organization system that is not dependent in only truck drivers.


Insurance of truck transportation

There is a case cargo get damaged during transportation. Because not all Thai roads are paved, there are large dents in the road of local places. There are also cases where there is insufficient lashing which can cause cargo movement during transportation that leads to damage and accident.

Truck insurance is necessary to cover these risks. In our truck service, we have insurance covering up to THB 300,000. Depending on the contents and value of the cargo, and the contents of damage, we will take responsibility in case of damage occurrence.


Cross border truck

Since the infrastructure has been in place in recent years in the ASEAN region, transportation of cross-border trucks in Southeast Asian region has got attention.

Cross border truck transport can make delivery days to 3 to 4 days compared to sea shipment that takes seven to ten days if it is door to door delivery.

Many companies that propose cross-border trucks often transport in container units, but our company proposes cross-border trucks with also 4 W tracks and 6 W tracks. It makes it possible to deliver with an appropriate rate even for small volume cargoes.


Truck quotation request

The following information is necessary for preparing the truck quotation.

· Pick up address
· Destination address
· Type of cargo
· Size of cargo
· Weight of cargo
· Frequency of delivery

The above is the minimum necessary information. We will provide the quotation from our staff after we receive the above information.



We talked about things concerning truck transport in Thailand. Understanding the specifications and characteristics of each truck makes you to make optimal logistics plans.

We have continued to improve the quality of partners of local truck company, to the level that can offer to Japanese companies which are strict in quality of service.

Because of that, we make it possible to provide services at a local level price though the quality at the Japanese level. Please contact us if you need a truck.