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Warehouse Quotation in Thailand – How to Check Storage, WH IN/WH OUT, Loading/Unloading Fee on Quotation

Warehouse Quotation in Thailand – How to Check Storage, WH IN/WH OUT, Loading/Unloading Fee on Quotation | Domestic Warehousing in Thailand


When you are looking for a warehouse in Thailand, you will consider about not only the location but also the price. I would like to explain about warehouse cost details this time. Although the conditions on the quotation is not exactly the same depending on the warehouse supplier, the basic items are the same.


Storage Charge

It is the storage space cost for keeping cargo in a warehouse.

Unit on the quotation : RT (Revenue Ton)

when we calculate the storage cost, the unit of RT (Rebound Newton) will be used. RT is to compare “Size” and “Weight” and calculate which is larger unit.[br num=”2″]

· Unit of Size: CBM (cubic meter) *M3 is also expressed. 1m x 1m x 1m = 1m3(1CBM)
· Unit of Weight: TON (tons)

How do we compare different unit of “Size” and “Weight”?
This has the following rules.

【Size / weight conversion rule】

【Rule】1M3 = 1 TON
revenue ton

It means that 1 cubic meter (size) and 1 ton (weight) are the same. Based on this rule, we can calculate “the bigger unit” of size and weight.[br num=”2″]

Let’s calculate the following question as an example

Cargo size: 2 m (length) x 1.5 m (width) x 1.5 m (height)
Cargo weight: 1.5 tons

Which is bigger, “cargo size” or “cargo weight”?[br num=”2″]

Answer: Cargo size is bigger

First, we convert the cargo size to M3 (CBM) : 2m x 1.5m x 1m = 4.5M3.
Applying the rule of 1 M 3 = 1 ton, it is 4.5M3 = 4.5tons.

Since the actual cargo weight is 1.5 tons, the cargo size of 4.5 M 3 (4.5 tons) is considered as bigger.

Actual Space Charge or Handling Space Charge

Depending on the warehouse supplier, Charge of storage costs may be billed in the actual storage space and handling space of the cargo.

Actual Space of Storage Charge

The storage charge is billed by the Actual Space you use for store the cargo. It is same as the cargo size.

Handling Space of Storage Charge

Handling space means that the actual space and the space to move the cargo by hand or Folk Lift. In this case, the unit of storage charge is basically M2 rather than RT.



It is handling charge at the time of goods receipt at the warehouse. It is a cost to carry cargo from a container or truck down to a specified storage location with a forklift.

It includes the system management of the receipt cargo status ※Unloading fee will be charged separately.The charge is mainly RT / Time. The charge will be incurred for each time of goods receipt.[br num=”2″]

For example,
WH IN: THB 100 / RT / Time
Cargo size (Cargo weight): 4.5 M 3 (1 TON)

WH IN charge: THB 100 x 4.5 M 3 = THB 450 / Time



It is the handling cost at the time of delivery. It is the cost of handling the cargo before loading it from the specified storage place into the container or truck.

It includes the system management of the cargo delivery status. The charge is RT/Time as well. ※ Loading fee will be charged separately.[br num=”2″]

WH OUT: THB 100 / RT / Time
Cargo size (Cargo weight): 4.5 M 3 (1 TON)

WH OUT charge: THB 100 x 4.5 M 3 = THB 450 / Time


Loading and Unloading

This is the charge for Loading and Unloading cargos. These costs will change depending on the size of the truck, trailer, container at loading / unloading.

the cost is different by vehicle type

· 4 W Truck
· 6 W Truck
· 18 W Trailer
· 20 ‘Container
· 40 ‘Container

Pallet or No Pallet

The cost will change the pallet. If the cargo does not on the pallets, it is generally higher since several workers have to drop cargo by hand.

In addition, the price may change depending on the cargo. In the case of heavy cargo or long cargo, handling is more difficult than the carton box on the pallets. The special equipment may be used to avoid the accident.


Required information for preparing quotation

When you check the cost of the warehouse please let us know the following information.

Required Information

1. Cargo Info

2. Type of Warehouse: General WH, DG WH, Cold WH, Bonded WH
– If DG Cargo: MSDS
– If Cold/Frozen Cargo: temperature for storage

3. Size of cargo (L x W x H)

4. Weight of cargo

5. Cargo Packing Type
– Carton box
– Can
– Drum
– Wood crate
– No packing

6. With palle/Without pallet

7. Stackable or Unstackable

8. Cargo Value

9. Truck/Trailer type for delivery to Warehouse

10. Storage period[br num=”2″]

The above information is necessary to prepare the quotation. Please kindly understand there is no template of the quotation since the price charges depend on the cargo conditions.

If we have the above information, we can prepare the actual price and it will help for you to calculate the warehouse cost.



Warehouse handling method will be different depending on the cargo. Using equipment, loading and unloading methods, and verification of space required for storage are not the same for each customers requirement.

If you have any questions, please contact our staff each time.